Recie Saunders is a gifted spiritual consultant and adviser. With his exceptional experience in directing and equipping teams for supernatural encounters, it has made him a favorite with many groups as he travels, teaches and mentors both nationally and internationally.

With his intuitive skills, Recie has successfully developed, pioneered, and taught relevant methodologies that are practical in reaching those today’s society who pursue deeper spiritual understanding whether it through dreams, visions or strange events.

His advanced prophetic gifting and dream interpretation skills make evident his deep and personal knowledge and discernment between Good Spirit and Negative Spirit. Recie has also wrote a book that helps parents teach and assist their children to understand and successfully interpret supernatural dreams, visions, and encounters without fear. He gives clarity in understanding how the spirit realm works and what increases the power and authority in your life and how it also can be weakened.

Recie has taught on spiritual encounters and discoveries in 14 countries around the world. He is committed to his loving wife, Carolyn, and adores their three children and two grandchildren all of whom reside in Ft Worth, Texas